The Restaurant

Ristorante del Sole in Perugia

The Ristorante del Sole was born with the intention of giving an unforgettable culinary experience, which allows you to rediscover the taste and history of traditional Umbrian and Italian recipes.

This vision has allowed the restaurant in Perugia to become an undisputed reference among local gastronomic points, thanks also to the research of raw materials, carefully selected for freshness and giving priority to the excellences of the territory.

These products are expertly treated by the kitchen, which creates dishes without distorting these ingredients and respects their characteristics. The result is a perfectly balanced combination of characteristic flavors, faithful to tradition yet contemporary.


The place

The Ristorante del Sole is located in the center of Perugia, its position 100 meters from Corso Vannucci and opposite the Minimetrò Pincetto terminal station reflects its nature as a historic place in the city and a living part of it.

Recently, on January 1st 2020, the milestone of fifty years of activity was reached, a recognition that goes well with its love for tradition and the desire to keep up with the times.

The restaurant prepares its dishes with the right combination of local flavors and innovation, reflecting the identity of the city of Perugia in the best possible way.

The Ristorante del Sole expresses its values also thanks to the location, which characterizes the restaurant and allows anyone to fall in love with the green heart of Italy. The splendid terrace has a privileged view of Perugia and the Umbrian Valley, which extends as far as Assisi and reveals its scenic beauty; a place that offers an authentic experience, to breathe the territory in all its nuances.

Champagne and wines

The winery

The Ristorante del Sole also has a well-stocked cellar, which houses a vast selection of quality labels, perfect for pairing with dishes prepared by the kitchen.

The bottled selection includes both renowned wines and wines from more particular and sought-after cellars, to offer customers the most complete and diversified offer possible.

The Ristorante del Sole has also thought of bubbles lovers, to whom it offers some fine Champagne brands, the perfect accompaniment to celebrate a special occasion.

Furthermore, the restaurant staff puts its expertise at the service of recommending the best pairings on the menu and providing all the necessary information on the wines.

Living café

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